King Bag and Manufacturing History

King Bag and Manufacturing was established in 1895 as a manufacturer of industrial sewn items.


King Bag and Manufacturing has two locations. Our Corporate Office and Cincinnati production facility is located at 1500 Spring Lawn Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45223. The Cincinnati production facility manufactures our Aviation and Industrial products. The second location is at 96 Industrial Park Means, KY 40346. Our Kentucky production facility manufactures bulk bags, dumpster bags, photo route bags and is our primary distribution center for our imported bags.

  • The business was started by John King in 1895 and stayed in the King Family until 1960.
  • In 1960 Jim Monroe purchased King Bag from the estate of Jack King Sr.
  • In 1967 Jack King Jr joined the business and rose to be plant manager.
  • In 1974 Ron Kirsch was hired as Sales Manager.
  • In 1985 Ron Kirsch and Jack King Jr. formed a partnership and purchased the business from Jim Monroe.
  • In 2002 Ron Kirsch Sr. purchased Jack King Jr’s 50% of the business. The Kirsch family owns King Bag and Manufacturing; ownership is divided between Ron Kirsch Sr., Connie McCuan Kirsch, and Ron Kirsch Jr.


Our initial product offering was the manufacturing and distribution of burlap bags to farmers in the mid-west. As we have grown and markets changed we focused on new opportunities.  In 1972 we began producing FIBC in our corporate office. We were one of the first US Manufactures of FIBC and we are one of the last US Manufacturers.  Our capacity grew over the next 20 years and in 1992 we expanded to a second manufacturing plant in Means, KY dedicated solely to producing FIBC. Our plant in Means, KY produces in excess of 100,000 bags per year.


We began importing bags in the 1990’s from Istanbul Turkey. We are constantly sourcing bags from all parts of the world and we have formed new partnerships with suppliers in India, China, Mexico, and Vietnam. Our suppliers produce in excess of 10,000,000 bags per year and all maintain strict quality procedures.

As we look to the future we are immersed in the global economy and are constantly looking for ways to improve our suppliers and distribution chain to better serve our customers.

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