For Roll-Off Containers and Trucks

Bladder Bag/ Dumpster Bag

Various Uses

  • Asbestos removal on large abatement jobs
  • Waste products from factories
  • Electric arc furnace dust
  • Fly ash
  • Dusty products
  • Building demolition debris
  • Damp sludge
  • Many other materials

Bladder Bag Advantages

  • Labor Savings – no one needed to fill and handle small poly bags
  • Easy to use – quick to fill – slide out at land fill
  • Bladder bag replaces many drums with liners and double bagged 6 mil poly bags
  • Proven results in many applications for over 15 years
  • Employee protection – fewer employees exposed on the job
  • Economical – no wasted space between drums or air space in poly bags

Bag Filling Methods

Open Top

Open Top
Bag is filled by shovel or front end loader. This method is used with large pieces of debris or when the waste is generated sporadically.

Thru Spouts

Thru Spouts
Bag is filled by vac loader or from hopper in factory. In completely closed systems the bag takes the place of a collection hopper.



Options Available:

  • Custom sizes up to 50 CU. YDS.
  • Double bagged – one inside the other
  • Liner for damp materials
  • Multiple spouts
  • Vent exhaust spout

IMG_0613 25 cubic yard bag with 1 center top spout

IMG_0615 Bag being filled thru spout

IMG_0616 Bag being filled thru spout

IMG_0617  Full bag on the way to land fill

IMG_0618 Full bag

IMG_0619 Full bag

Bladder Bags/ Dumpster Bags

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