Bulk Bags

King Bag Bulk Bags Bulk bags are used to handle over ¼ billion tons of product each year and is used to store and move products as varied as cereals to powdered chemicals to animal feeds. With a capacity of up to 3m³ and load capability ranging from 500lbs to two tons. FIBCs are highly cost effective, easily recyclable and ideal for virtually any free-flowing granule, powder, pellet or flake. King Bag and Manufacturing has domestic production in Means, KY. We also utilize sources in Mexico, India, China, Canada and Turkey with our Global Sourcing backed by our North American production, we offer you the confidence of an uninterrupted supply source with virtually limitless capacity. Types

Type A

Plain Bag – No Static Protection

Type B

Plain Bag – Low Breakdown Voltage Prevents Propagating Brush Discharges

Type C

Interconnected Conductive Threads Dissipates Charge to Ground RG < 107 ohm

Type D

Electrostatic protective does Not Require Grounding



Lift Styles

Industry standard is 10” lift hoops
bag with industry standard life loops

Lift Loops

Lifting Sleeve

Lifting Sleeve

Top Styles

Industry standard is 14” diameter x 18” long top spout
Open Top

Open Top

Duffel Top

Duffle Top

Top Spout

Top Spout

Flap Top

Flap Top

Bottom Styles

Industry standard is 14” diameter x 18” long bottom spout with outer closure
Plain Bottom

Plain Bottom

Bottom Spout

Bottom Spout

Full Drop Bottoms

Full Drop Bottoms


Form Fit Liners for dry product are used in bulk bags to provide a contaminant-free, economical packaging system.  A variety of specialty films are available to protect moisture and oxygen sensitive products, as well as anti-static and conductive films for applications requiring static control protection.
  • 3 mil PE Liner
  • 6 mil PE Liner
  • EVOH Liners
  • Aluminum Foil Liners


  • 4 color printing – import only
  • 1 color stencil – import and domestic production
  • Colored fabric and colored lift loops -  import and domestic production
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